Have you ever been in London?

If you haven´t been there, you can see these wonderful images of this beautiful city.
I hope you enjoy these pictures.

 Do you know...?

Thanks to "The Beatles", this is the most famous zebra crossing around the world. It is placed on Abbey Road in London City.
Today, Abbey Road Studios hosts a live webcam at the crossing.
In 2010, the zebra crossing and Abbey Road Studios got recognition by their status for historical importance.
We wonder, if the Beatles Band knew it was making history, not just with its music, but by a very popular image too.

Nowadays, you can see people stopping traffic and sometimes dodging cars in order to create their own memories,in real-time.

These images are LIVE " from there.
Click twice to make the image bigger

If you've never been there, now it is time to enjoy watching.

This is a very interesting video to know more
about this popular pedestrian crossing.


Now, The weather is...

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