3rd Grade Primary - Unit 3: "SPORTS STAR"

Hello Everyone!!!
Here below, there is an activity to learn a vocabulary about sports that you can try in your free time.

Click on every picture.
Listen and repeat.

Click on the picture to watch and listen to the story.

Click on the picture below to take this exercise very useful for you about writing and listening skills.

How often do you do exercise in a week?
Once, twice, three times or more.

These are some useful exercises for you to keep you healthy, fit, strong, concentrate, and even, sleep well at night.

These workouts are very easy. You can try them at home or
at school.

Enjoy doing exercise every day!!!

Click on the next picture to learn how to talk about ability using the verb "To Can".

Learn more sports with the following interactive book.

Now, the exercise below is very important for you.
This is about cardinal numbers in english.

You could do it with your tablet or mobile too.

Click on the picture below
to print some documents to reinforce
concepts and vocabulary
of this

Unit 3.


Now, The weather is...

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