5th TIGER TRACKS Grade Primary - Unit 3: AWESOME ANIMALS

Hello Everyone!!!


In this unit you´re able to know an awesome world about wild animals.
Where do they live?
What are they like?

Do you want to know any wild animals?

Let´s take this quiz about animals definitions!!!

This is a task made for you
to improve your listening skill.

 Click on the picture to link

Would you like to listen to the story and read it?
Just click on the picture below to link.

Feel free to download and print
this worksheet for you.

Remember to stick on your English notebook.

If you want to learn a basic vocabulary to describe
animals in English language,

just click on the picture below.

More awesome games to play.
Just click on the picture.

And, an important grammar concept about adjectives;
in other words, how to form COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVES in English language.

Read carefully the explanation inside the next Quiz.
You must study the rules before doing the next exercises below.

Here below, this is an activity to form sentences
and write the base form of some adjectives.

Remember to Drag and drop the words,
and type the correct adjective.

Enjoy learning more about comparative adjectives in the activity below.

Why are the animals below in danger?
They are endangered animals.
How can we save and protect them?

Click on everyone to know it.


Here below,
Click on the picture to do some useful exercises to reinforce the concepts and grammar of this

Unit 3.


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