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     On St. Patrick’s Day, the world goes green. But who inspired this global celebration –a man, a saint, or a glorious Irish myth?
As a British teenager enslaved on an Irish farm in the 5th century, Patrick doesn’t believe in God. But when he escapes, has an epiphany, and takes up the Church’s cause, he returns to Ireland determined to convert its many pagan tribes to Christianity. Defying Church conservatism, he begins an evangelistic crusade to bring about the Second Coming of Christ.

     200 years later, to unite their disparate peoples under one saintly banner, imaginative Irish monks turn Patrick’s story into a potent mix of folklore and fantasy. It worked, and today this apocalyptic priest’s legacy has become a life-affirming fusion of religious worship, reconciliation and ribald secular celebration.

     Everyone’s heard of St.Patrick, right? The mere mention of the name reminds us of shamrocks, green ale, and maybe even a leprechaun or two. But who was Saint Patrick really, and why in the world do we reserve an entire day in his honor? His story is one of the most compelling in Christian history, worthy of a blockbuster movie.

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