1st Grade Primary - Unit 2: "THE GINGERBREAD MAN"

Hello Everyone!!!

How is it going?

This is an activity to learn the different parts of our body in English languge.

Click on every picture to listen to the parts of your body

If you are interested in the following story,
just click on the picture below to link.


Now, Take this Quiz.

This is just a self-assessment exercise for you.


Now, you should watch the next video

Now, it´s time to enjoy singing the
"Gingerbread Man" song

play the song

This is an awesome story about

our famous biscuit.

You could play more games as well.

Click on th epicture below to review numbers and parts of your body, with these lovely awesome monsters.

Click on the picture below to
print and do the next exercise.


Now, The weather is...

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