1st Grade Primary - Unit 1: "BACK TO SCHOOL"

Hello, Everyone!!!

This school year we´ve got a new friend.
We´re going to learn many things with him, and he´s going to tell us many awesome stories.

He´s Tiger.

Here below, let´s check out the video to introduce the main vocabulary of this unit.

After watching this video it´s your turn to put in practise these new words.

Now, you can do it by mean of the
following interactive book.

Click on the picture below to enjoy watching
the video of this unit 1


"I´ve got a pencil in my pencil case in my bag"



Feel free to print the document below to start writing in English language.
This is the main vocabulary of this unit.

The activity below is made to reinforce the contents explained to you in the classroom about usual school supplies we bring and use every day at school.

It will be better for you to read carefully the "introducing page" before starting the exercises, so you'd know how to do it and learn better and easily.

Feel free to take this quiz


Click on the picture below
to print this exercise.



Now, The weather is...

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