4th Grade Primary - Unit 1: A NEW SCHOOL YEAR

Hello Children!!!

Welcome back to school.
It´s time to review the months of the year.
As you know, a year has got twelve months.

Click on the picture

listen to the months of the year

We are at school, and we have to study some subjects every day.
Which is your favourite one?
Do you like it?


Click on the pictures
to listen to every word.

Take the next assessment quiz

This is an activity to put in practice the new vocabulary.
Let´s try!!!

And finally...

Click to learn "The Time"
in English language.

Now, do the next Time Quiz

In this unit,
we are going over the verb "to have".

Click on the picture below
to do some activities.

If you are interested in some grammar and vocabulary exercises
where you could go over the contents explained to you in this

Unit 1.

Click on the picture below!!!


Now, The weather is...

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