3rd Grade Primary - Unit 1: A COMPUTER FOR THE CLUB

Hi Everyone!!!

In this unit, we are going to learn a basic vocabulary and some expressions to talk about the activities you do in your free or leisure time.

First, Let´s watch this video to learn better.

Listen and repeat!!!

Now, Feel free to take this quiz 

As you know, many children use a computer at school to learn about different subjects and do projects. Some children also keep a class blog. At home, many children use a computer to do homework and play games.

Do you know the meaning of the word "techy"?
Its meaning refers to a person or thing characterized by technological sophistication.

These are two important questions for you:
what do you like doing on a computer?
what can you do on a computer?
There are many different answers
and things to do...

This is a picture that show you about the reading.

But, can you identify the screen, the keyboard, the printer, the mouse, the computer?

Before doing the survey below,
you could have a look this video.
Maybe, it could be interesting for you.

Click on the picture below
to print some documents to reinforce
concepts and vocabulary
of this

Unit 1.


Now, The weather is...

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